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2 November 2018

Politics: A planned demonstration in Jakarta will test the mobilization capabilities of hard-line Islamic organizations, which are attempting to use a flag-burning incident as a pretense for energizing supporters.  But unlike similar attempts in the past, the protests aim at Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) – a rival Islamic organization that is large but moderate.  This could be a strategic blunder for these fringe elements, as it may further complicate their ability to garner wider credibility and acceptance (Page 2).  Vice-presidential nominee Sandiaga Uno injected substance into the campaign with his latest policy recommendation (p. 3).  Ties between Partai Demokrat and the Prabowo‑Uno campaign are changing (p. 4).  Disenchantment is apparently mounting between two key allies in the presidential race (p. 5).

Disasters: Reasons for the horrific Lion Air crash that killed 189 are beginning to become clearer (p. 5).

Justice: A vice-speaker of parliament became a corruption suspect, further jeopardizing the prospects of their party (p. 8).

Policy News: A revised regulation is due soon on the digital economy, and an Information Ministry director general divulged details (p. 9).

Economics: Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Chair Tom Lembong issued sharp criticism upon releasing new data (p. 10).  Higher housing prices fueled a slight inflation uptick during October, but the annualized rate (and food sub‑indices) remain distinctly moderate (p. 13).  Indonesia fell from 72nd to 73rd in the latest East of Doing Business Index from the World Bank (p. 14).

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